Telos News – November 24th 2006


We’re pleased to announce four new titles coming from Telos Publishing in the first half of 2007. Online ordering will be added to the Telos site soon.

Stephen James Walker

Torchwood. Protecting the Earth against alien threats in the 21st Century – the time when everything changes.

Created by Russell T Davies and starring John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness, Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper, Burn Gorman as Owen Harper, Naoko Mori as Toshiko Sato and Gareth David-Lloyd as Ianto Jones,Torchwood is dark and gritty, rain soaked and blood drenched, sexy and thrilling. Its first season covered subjects as diverse as a sex-addicted alien mist, a powerful Cyberwoman, a telepathy-inducing pendant, an invisible man and alien Weevils.

In this, the first factual book to be published on the series, noted TV historian Stephen James Walker charts the story of Torchwood, complete with character profiles, cast and production team information, behind-the-scenes details and a comprehensive guide to each of the 13 episodes, looking at the key elements and the many links to Doctor Who that permeate the show.

Inside the Hub is every fan’s one-stop guide to the secret world ofTorchwood.

“Published by Telos, who have obviously decided to corner the market in ‘must have’ television reference books” Sci-Fi-Online(about Triquetra)

£12.99 paperback. Available March 2007.


Edited by Stephen James Walker

A comprehensive collection of interviews with the people behind the final decade of the BBC’s famous science-fiction adventure series. Stars, production team members, directors, writers and designers, all are featured in this latest addition to Telos’s acclaimed range of factual books aboutDoctor Who.

In this third volume of the Talkback series, Stephen James Walker has assembled an impressive selection of the very best interviews and features relating to the Doctor Who stories of the 1980s. Those quoted include Doctors Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy, companion actors Matthew Waterhouse, Nicola Bryant, Bonnie Langford and Sophie Aldred, producer John Nathan-Turner, script editors Antony Root and Andrew Cartmel, director Alan Wareing, writer Marc Platt, designers Barry Newbery, Malcolm Thornton and Nick Somerville, costume designers Rosalind Ebbutt, Pat Godfrey and Ken Trew, make-up designers Dee Baron and Joan Stribling, title sequence designers Sid Sutton, Gareth Edwards and Oliver Elmes, visual effects designer Malcolm James, and visual effects assistants and contractors Mike Tucker, Susan Moore, Stephen Mansfield and Robert Allsopp.

“A worthy collection unearthing a few rarely-seen treasures”Doctor Who Magazine

£12.99 paperback. £30.00 hardback. Available May 2007.


Scott Montgomery

Sultry Kitty O’Malley arrives at the office of flatfoot turned gumshoe Jack Sharp, with an offer he can’t refuse, and a body he can’t resist. Our down-at-heel hero soon realises that dames might be the death of him, very soon …

Meet Jack Sharp – private detective. Smooth talking. Hard living.

Meet Kitty O’Malley – femme fatale. Beautiful. Deadly.

Put them together and what do you get?

Crime! Intrigue! Passion!
And …
Cigarettes! Booze! Hangovers!

Think you know hard-boiled fiction …?

You don’t know Jack.

£7.99 paperback. Available March 2007.


Del Stone Jr

Miller, a university professor, and two of his students take a trip out to a spoil island in the middle of Santa Rosa Sound in the Florida Keys to study the effects of pollution on the flora and fauna. While they are there, a tide of black microbes is released into the river, and floods down and around them. They escape by burying themselves in the sand, but when they emerge, it is to a world which is strangely silent and changed.

Before long, burning figures are glimpsed along the distant banks, dragging themselves into the water. Then the attacks start. With daylight their only weapon, Miller realises that time is running out as an army of the living dead, intent on feasting on their flesh, is gathering in the surrounding waters.

A classic tale of horror in the great tradition of ‘Night of the Living Dead’.

£7.99 paperback. Available May 2007.


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